best kscat bone conduction headphonesWhile there are other brands in the front row for making the bone conduction headphones the KSCat is not behind. They have made their name by making great best bone conduction headphones 2024. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

KSCat bone conduction headphones deliver a great deal for the price, though these are not popular like other bone conduction headphones still they are good at their place.

In this list we will review few of the top-rated bone conduction headphones by KSCAT which you can select depending on your budget and requirements.

without further ado let’s get into these KSCAT bone conduction headphones review.

Best KSCAT Bone Conduction Headphones

1. KSCat Nice 5 Stereo Earphones

KSCat Nice 5 Stereo EarphonesTo stay healthy you need to exercise daily but with the exercise, you might want to listen to the music without getting isolated from the external world. For that, you need a pair of bone conduction headphones by KS. This KSCat Nice 5 Stereo Earphones allows you to listen to music and attend phone calls at the same time while pausing the music.

Its compact design, strong build and sound quality make it one of the most popular bone conduction headphones in 2019. With the bone conduction technology, the sound quality does get affected but KSCAT covers it very well. Sending the vibrations of sound to jawbone rather than sending to your eardrum.

This bone conduction headphone is lightweight as 45-gram build with Titanium construction. It features a great Bluetooth connectivity with 1 Bluetooth version plus EDR. The sound quality is achieved by the APTX audio decoding technology. The sensitive microphone and great noise reduction technology increase its demand. The great powerful battery of up to 6 hours and dual stereo channel are its unique qualities. There’s also no compatibility issue you can use them with any brands electronic appliance with 2.0 jack minimum. It’s waterproof and sweatproof which depicts it’s perfect for wearing at the gym or jogging or even at swimming. Read Full KSCat Nice 5 Stereo Earphones Review.


2. KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones

KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction HeadphonesWell, the bone conduction technology does send sound vibrations directly to inner cochlea rather than sending it to your external ear. So no need of plugging the earphones in the ear which makes it possible to listen both the inner and outer world at the same time.

This KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones efficiently implies the bone conduction technology in them and allows listening to the music without being isolated from the external world. This pair of bone conduction headphones comes in a stylish look, comfortable design and best quality of sound makes the listener like they are not wearing anything.

This unit has a strong grip on your cheekbone for adding ease of use. The attractive and interactive design makes this bone conduction headphone worthwhile for the amount spent. The fine curved shape with multifunction buttons, LED indicator microlight, volume buttons are replaced with mini USB recharging report for continuous use. The band that fixed around your neck making semi-circle is built with titanium to provide extra elasticity while using this headphone.

The material makes it stronger as well as flexible and soft while wearing, you might forget in few minutes after wearing the headphone that you are wearing anything. Likely, this model is lightweight as 53-grams which you can say ultra-light. The Bluetooth connectivity is 1 version which delivers super quick connection. It features a speaker from 4Hz to 2.4GHz frequency with perfect mixed bass which doesn’t harm the human ear. The battery which comes with it is perfect and gives the nice lifetime of 6 hours which is enough for spending few day without getting it charged.

Last but not least the waterproof technology makes it comfortable to wear underwater while swimming, sweat-proof while in the gym so you cannot worry about getting the sweat inside and damage it’s functions. Also, use them in raining as the IPX6 waterproof technology will allow this headphone to tackle this problem. Read full KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones Review


From reading these reviews you might be able to pick your favorite bone conduction headphone by KSCAT in the below-related section you can see other bone conduction headphones brands and their headphones in case you are not ok to go with these KSCAT bone conduction headphones.