KSCat Nice 5 Stereo Earphones Review

KSCat Nice 5 Stereo EarphonesYour search for best wireless headphones made of latest technology and fine quality ends here at this blog for the best wireless headphones review and buyers guide. Many people start their day with a lite run, exercise and much more to keep them healthy. This could twice your fun with KSCAT Nice 5 Bluetooth 4.1 Bone Conduction Headphones Best Sports Stereo Headphone. A 2 in one smarter way to listen to music and have hand free calls with this value adding unit.

The KSCAT is well reputed only popular for its compact, strong, durable and ideal quality headphones that fulfil the customer’s requirement. With the usage of unique bone conduction technology, these are able to directly through sound vibration to your inner ear with bypassing the eardrum. It means the recommended safe frequency of sound is being transmitted over the jawbones of skull. In that case your ear is completely free and you and your get dual fun with gaining maximum comfort.

Some of key specification included for this super headphones are listed here:

  • 45 gram weight with Titanium construction
  • Model nice 5 introduced by KSCAT
  • 1 Bluetooth version plus EDR
  • APTX audio decoding technology which makes it most reliable
  • Noise reduction technology with sensitive microphone
  • Dual stereo channel
  • Long lasting powerful battery backup up to 6 hours
  • Compatible with all brands electronic appliances
  • Waterproof

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KSCat Nice 5 Stereo Earphones Review


Black in colour unit looks like a glowing black pearl. The black colour is mixed with red, blue, and green to make a perfect combination tine for this all-time best wireless headphone. It’s only 45-gram weight, small size and flexible structure allow to easy store and easy use everywhere even in travel. The overall shape is nicely curved to fit around the ear. On your skull bone making a semi-circle around your neck, this holds a strong grip to prevent falling during large movement. On this one de it has volume control buttons and a mini USB port recharging the built-in battery


The bone conduction technology and many other hidden features that can be only experienced after use are high in performance. You would not believe this high ranked small electronic gadget is top of the line in its category maintaining the affordable, cheap price that best fit in a budget as compared to other brands competing in the market.

The performance can be estimated through its ability to connect with two mobiles phones at the same time. Beside it its Bluetooth has quick connection feature which gives fast connection at a longer distance up to 30 to 40 feet’s.as we have mentioned about its bone transducer technology it also has nice cancellation technology and APTX technology for good decoding of electronic signals into sound waves.


The small but powerful 200 mah battery gives this device more than 6 hours battery backup. Recharging is also easy and fast. It only takes less than 2 hours for a full recharge that can last six hours. The battery is also reliable that did not lowers its performance after days pass.

Overall these is the great solution for those who want to enjoy the outstanding experience of music everywhere keeping the low budget. Because they use bone conduction technology so it keeps you fully aware of environment for adding safety. This could be the best product for them. Now it’s you, how you add value in your life with this value able wireless headphone.



  • Cheaper and affordable price for this super headphones unit
  • Easy to use for newbies
  • High performance with user satisfaction
  • Use friendly industry design having multi-function buttons.



  • Noise vibration occur sometime

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