KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones Review

KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction HeadphonesBefore start talking about this best ever wireless headphones KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones let come to know what is bone conduction technology? Yes, it is the technology that use to send the sound vibration directly to the inner cochlea of your ear bypassing the external ear. The earbuds did not go inside the ear whole in this popular technology. You just need to place the earphone on your jawbone and then enjoy.

Same is with the KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones that used the above mentioned technology to get through to your brain. This has two main benefits, first one is to have great experience for sound with added perfect bass to make you love with this small headphone for personal and group use. Second is it does not hurt your ear or you did not get tired feelings plus you also aware of your surroundings.

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KSCAT Open-ear Bone Conduction Headphones Review


Without any compromise on the best quality, comfort and stylish look this unit has string grip on your cheekbone for adding ease of use. The interactive and attractive design make this worth buying product in cheap price. The fine curved shape with multifunction buttons, LED indicator micro light, and volume buttons are placed along with the mini USB recharging port for continuous use. The band that fixed around the neck making semi-circle (head band) is make of titanium. This material is not only choose to add strength in this wireless headphones but it is selected as it has infinite flexibility and soft touching pleasure. It is also sweat and water proof for prevention of any damage possible occur due to wetness.


  • Nice 2 Model introduced by KSCAT
  • 53 gram weigh making it ultra-light
  • 1 version of Bluetooth for super quick connection
  • 4 Hz to 2.4GHz frequency speaker with perfect mixed bass without any harm to human ear health
  • Battery supported
  • IPX6 water proof techonology
  • Limited time return and longer term warranty


This top of the line headphones is considered as the best option as compared to other best brands on the competition. It is only due to its higher performance at low cost. In a survey based on the customer’s feedback, it performed really well as not a single dissatisfied customer is not recorded. It longer range up-to 10 meters is quite OK to listen to music working in a garden. The earbuds din has enough size to cover your whole ear for this they are interactively made adding the facility to keep you aware of your environment.

The multi-connection allow you to connect with more than one Bluetooth enabled device at the same time. This makes this intelligent headphone a real worth. It is too easy to use for the newbies or person having no previous knowledge of them


In a test while this small headphone was used continuously it last 5 hours and 30 minutes in a single charge. After that it take 1 hour and 20 minutes to recharge itself. Its 260 mah battery is small but larger in power to support for longer entertainment period. The mini USB port is available the one side for recharging this with even data transfer cable.

After considering all above information for this review and buyers guide. This device yields high performance in cheap price keeping the price in a budget. Many people had make this device their choice or selected it as their training partner now it’s your turn. I am sure this will not disappoint you ever with the passage of time.



  • More than one simultaneous connection
  • Elegant design and lighter weight
  • Cheap price best in budget
  • High ranked top selling



  • Note much different than other versions


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