Panasonic RP-HGS 10-P Review

Panasonic RP-HGS 10-PPanasonic RP-HGS 10-P is the more refined and updated version of RP-BTGS10-k. The unit is made filling the flows left in previous models. The RP-BTGS10-k is also known as an all-time best-wired headphone that can work in all environments. During a walk in busy streets, Gym, running on the track, working in office or any other place where you need to listen to music this could be the best choice as many it is top-selling product by Panasonic.

Reflective pink design focus the female customers but there is no restriction anyone can use as the pink can be choice of anyone.

Technology Used

The bone conduction technology popular among the best brands of the world is used in this unit of ideal headphone with many modifications. The unit is able to send the clear sound vibration to the inner art of ear bypassing the eardrum. The latest technology in extremely low price is the perfect combination that gives you pleasure.


Beautiful, attractive design gives a glowing look through which audience attracts to it. The cures of RP-BTGS10-k are according to your head structure that help it in holding string grip. The reflective design sends sound vibration frim your jaw bone without sitting side or outside the ear. The unit of best wire headphone model RP-BTGS10-k manufactured by Panasonic is made with fine material and rubber coating for adding more flexibility. Many companies also worked on bone conduction headphones waterproof Products, and have produced a good quality Headphones.

The design specification and overall product key features are covered in following lines

  • Purple and pink color combination in fine finishing
  • Open ear behind the neck semi-circular shape
  • Wired connectivity
  • Stereo output
  • Water and sweat resistant


The audio quality yield by this great value adding product is clear and crispy. Reducing the noise and other unwanted environmental sounds like passing cars, people’s gossips and other are not heard by this best headphone. Built-in speakers produces the high level of bass when in use. This will support bosting your work out and running stamina.


The overall performance for the RP-BTGS10-k is great this can be best in the environment where you need to access wider library of your collection like listening from your desktop computer. The machine is really helpful in listening sounds tracks while working around your work station. The bone transduced technology and compact construction gives durable and reliable finishing of product.


Panasonic RP-BTGS10-k comes with the 1 year limited warranty and 90 days return back warranty for keeping safe trust of its customer safe and sound.



  • Beautiful design and fine construction
  • Low price best in budget headphone



  • Wired connection



The search of best headphone is over with this top of the line Panasonic RP-BTGS10-k headphones. You just need to plug it in stereo jack are it will give you perfect mashed up bass and clear sounds. I am sure this will not ever disappoint you in performance and the company has tradition of making worthy products.

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