When it comes to bone conduction headphone the well-known and popular brands which comes to mind is AfterShozk. The company has earned a comprehensive name in the bone conduction technology. We have reviewed few headphones manufactured by AfterShokz to help you pick the best bone conduction headphones by Afteshokz in an affordable price. Follow along these reviews to pick the one which suits your needs. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Best AfterShokz Headphones 2024

Read the Best AfterShokz Headphones 2024 Reviews to pick your best one.

1. Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Open Ear – Best of 2024

Best AfterShokz Headphones Reviews 2021You might be wanted to get immersed in the music but do you really want to cut-off the connection from the world around you. Aftershokz doesn’t think so, this is the reason they have produced their athlete-focused Titanium open-ear sports headphones.

As these headphones make use of bone conduction technology you might have to suffer from bass, this technology sends vibrations from low-frequency sound into the cheekbones of the listener to cochlea towards the inner ear, doesn’t have to go through the eardrum.

This impressive design of AfterShokz Titanium brings two bone conduction transducers sitting just to the side of ears except for the ear canal like earcup-style headphones which tend to send the sound externally, except that these headphones don’t have foam or covering which might interfere the ambient sounds. There is a pause button available on one side of the speaker with which you can stop the music without wearing them off.

This 36 Gram headphone is lightweight and good sport-centric headphone but the band might cause some issue. The band is loose and had to position it further back on the head to align it perfectly. Doing the gym might displace it from the original position.

That said, AfterShokz Titanium is crafted carefully, with the positioning of the transducers spot-on, they can be fit easily on the jawbone. You have to option to select either black-grey/blue/green/pink colour of these headphones.


AfterShokz Titanium is primarily designed for running outdoors, gym and jogs. People do praise it and say against it but for most of the time, it’s perfectly acceptable. They perform best in the quiet environment, and actually rather exciting to use around an office while listening to the chatter along with the music.

Though the sound quality won’t be equal to those regular pairs of headphones. The major problem is bass. It’s not because they don’t have low-frequency sound but it’s felt more than hears, it reverberates through your jawbones. It might sound weird but it is, if surprisingly easy to get used to.

Whereas, if you increase the volume to a certain point then the vibrations will be increased because they seem to dominate and these headphones are not able to go that loud.

Furthermore, they are easy to use. This pair of wireless headphones features an initial Bluetooth which you can set up with the phone. You also get the confirmation notice but that will be chatty.Read the full Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Open Ear review.



  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Best for gym and office



  • Excessive vibrations
  • Short battery life
  • Loose neck-strap

2. AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones – Best Budget

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphonesIsolation is not a good thing when you are on the road because you need to be aware of both worlds. But it’s not true in all scenarios while you are working in the gym you should immerse yourself by blocking-out ambient noise. But if you run in an urban environment or driving through bus streets then you really need to hear those cards and the people around you in case you won’t end up in a collision.

These open-ear sports headphones by Trekz Air not only gives noise isolation but with intrusive earbuds together. Majority of the manufacturers persist with technology that stresses noise isolation and cancellation, this open-ear headphone by AfterShokz has changed the trend by offering a bone conduction technology.

The Trekz Air wireless headphones pair can be easily wrapped around the back of your neck,the manufacturer claims that the headphones don’t compromise on the bass.For the price, they are not that expensive and nor inexpensive so the affordable price can be spent by budget people.


The first thing you need to be clear about this pair of headphones is that these are speakers, not the earphones at all. The manufacturer calls this OpenFit and despite them allowing you to hear the world around you, the bone conduction transducers in this headphones come with a safety option of the mute button. You can mute the volume by pressing the button on the left-hand side and cross the busy road comfortably.

Trekz Air is strong and flexible, you can call them head-back buds rather than neckbands. These headphones can be twisted and tugged to a certain amount easily because of the use of titanium in their design. Which generally means you can wear them around the neck, shove into pocked or balanced on a hook.

While doing a gym workout doesn’t worry about the sweats these are waterproof too. Trekz Air weighs about 30g which is the most lightweight pair of headphones. Similarly, the soft silicon covering together with electronics positioning carefully states that Trekz Air tends to stay in one place.

The clever design allows the Trekz Air to stay balanced and subtle on the jawbone. You can also make hands-free of Trekz Air. Similarly, the speakers are equipped with noise cancelling microphones to which decreases the ambient noise and allows you to make calls with a clear voice as possible.

Though it’s lightweight on the other hand, this leads towards a short battery life, that said six hours of battery life is not that less but it should be improved to decrease the worry of getting it charged again and again.

Overall, the Trekz Air delivers decent sound quality as blocking all external sounds. They have a great fit, steady and stable design and while running wearing these headphones these won’t get moved easily. Whereas the limited noise might not isolate you from the loud external sound of the environment and the overall sound quality is not up there with regular headphones. Battery life is also short but it’s due to the design of these headphones to make them lightweight and easy to carry along. With that said, these headphones are great for gym, office and out on a run. They are comfortable enough that you might forget you are wearing them.Read full AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones Review.



  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Exacting design



  • Volume is low
  • Sound quality should be improved
  • Battery life is short

3. Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Headphones

Aftershokz Bluez 2SAftershokz did another great contribution to the strange science of bone conduction headphones by manufacturing the BluEz Bluetooth headset. You might know that the bone conduction technology transfers the sound to the inner ear by sending vibrations through the bone in front of the ear rather than sending the sound directly through the outer ear.

AfterShokz BluEZ is an ideal device for those having an active lifestyle. This pair of headphones allows the users to listen to the music clearly while out and about, similarly allows them to listen to the ambient sounds around the world.

BluEZ comes with a limited number of accessories. You might find a zippered hard shell which is carrying a black case. The black case includes the glossy headset along with a small USB to mini USB cable, instructional manual and a flexible rubber strap.

The blue features two small arms that curve over the top of the ear so that they can easily rest on it. It’s lightweight enough that you will forget you are wearing them. The sound is transferred through the rubberized pad on the interior which sends vibrations through the skull. A sliver button on the exterior of each arm allows you to play and pause the music whenever you want as well as allows answering terminating phone calls.

A small collection of controls is also available on the back of headphones which includes mini-USB port for charging the built-in battery, dual button volume/search control.

The BluEZ headphones is easy to wear for two to three hours, though the fit is comfortable after this much time it starts to cause vibration the irritation.


The BluEZ delivers an accurate and clear sound signature of midrange. The frequency of 1-4 KHz is expected from this pair of headphones. The weak point of this headset is bass. Low frequencies are sharply cut off at around 200Hz, which makes the hip-hop music sound weak. Low bass has a strong effect on the auditory receptors of a man and this can subsequently affect his erection. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to take generic viagra 100mg medicine.

The Bluetooth connection makes it the stronger headset for the money, can easily maintain a perfect connection for a 33-foot operating range with your iPhone 5 or any Smartphone compatible with 2.0 port.

The AfterShokz BluEZ does the perfect job of delivering great audio to their listeners without removing them to listen to the outer world. Though they cannot replace standard wireless headphones with these headphones, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of dual awareness while skiing, biking and running. So people with active lifestyle might find this headphone perfect for them and those looking for stereo and rich demand of powerful bass should stay away from this.Read full Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Review.



  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Wide stereo effect
  • Clear, accurate tone
  • Great Bluetooth connectivity



  • Poor bass reproduction
  • Lack accessories

After reading these AfterShokz Headphones Reviews you might have been stumbled on a note that these headphones are not good on bass. As they allow to listen to both worlds at the same time so offering the bass might get issue while achieving this. So people with an active lifestyle are ready to go with these headphones for example at the gym , biking, skiing and so forth.