Aftershokz BluEZ 2S Bone Conduction Headphones Review

Aftershokz Bluez 2SYou are here at this blog it means you are looking for the best headset or best electric headphones that can give the real twist of music. For this, many brands in the market are striving to prove that they are best with worthy wireless headphones at cheaper and affordable price. Your search is over now with reading the review on Aftershokz BluEZ (best wireless headphones).

The smart battery supported headphones are available in low price under 100, cheering for those having the limited budget.  The latest technology used in the manufacturing of Aftershokz BluEZ gives extreme comfort making it easy to use. It has enabled bone conduction technology through which the sound waves are directly pushed into inner ear bypassing the eardrum. The use of bone conduction technology gives a new turn in the utilization of earphones.

Aftershokz BluEZ is considered as the new style device becoming essential for the personals having an extreme love for music. During your active lifestyle, it helps to keep you running in the track, during exercise and also prove helpful passing through the busy street.

Aftershokz BluEZ 2S Review

What includes on delivery

The package is simple and does not include the more accessories. The small box in the outer box includes

  • A shiny brand new unit of headphones
  • USB to mini USB data cable used for charging
  • Rubber strap which is flexible
  • Small instructional booklet

The case is hard for the better condition while it is being portable.

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Design and Construction

The Aftershokz BluEZ is made with fine quality. It is durable and compact for outer environmental use. Strong enough to survive during running or workout at the gym. Aftershokz BluEZ is just like a semi-circle with two curves to hold around the bends f your ears. Leading by a rubberised pad on both arms helps in smooth transferring of sounds into earn by vibrations. Each exterior has a small button for adding elegant look and play/pause button to give control is available on right side of the micro headphone. The mini USB port is also available for recharging the built-in battery. The rubber band (flexible) help in attaching the frame with two braces for keeping the headset fix here you place it.

How to Connect

Aftershokz BluEZ start pairing with the available connection automatically and indicate using a Small LED light that has 2 colours for acknowledging the connection establishment. Red and blue lights are next to your power button after Bluetooth connection you are ready to go. A loud beep sends to the hear pads just as a confirmation signal to your ears.

Value of Comfort

The unit of Aftershokz BluEZ headphones is considered as the most suitable headphone by its lighter weight and interactive design curves. You can easily pair with it and ear it for more than 2, 3 hours without getting tired of it.

Audio quality

As keeping the health of Ear in mind this sound device does not exceed the frequency more than the level dangerous for the human ear. However, it can produce enough loud music clear and noise free maintaining the ideal quality. It perfectly adds the high bass and accurate clear sound.

Here the ear bone transduces help to prevent the outside noise and gives the occasional awareness for adding more security. Fine rendered music tone best help to warm up for a play or exercise.


Overall it is high performing device that can be the real changer for you boosting up your stamina and concentration to your workout. It has long range of connection, around 30 feet’s can be easily cover without any hassle in listening music. It is fact that brain can only focus to one thin gat one time for normal humans. This is the fact the results taken in rushy streets and other noisy areas are extremely in favour of its quality.

Battery timing

The main feature of Aftershokz BluEZ is, it comes with the battery backup. The solid battery can last more than half day normal use. The charging cable and adopter gives fast charging through 15 minute of charging you can last around 1 hour.

Giving final words for the great value wireless headphones the Aftershokz BluEZ are top of the line with no compromise in attractive design and high performance. Its low cost also liked by other too. Now it is up-to you how you give value to your money by making this best wireless headphone your choice.



  • Stereo effect and clear audio output
  • Interactive deign and handsome look
  • Solid connection using Bluetooth
  • All-time best with inexpensive price



  • Sometime vibration irritates the used



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